Senators Ask DOJ To Clear Up Past Lies to Supreme Court

It is no wonder there is a lack of trust in the federal government.  The NSA lied to the Department of Justice, and by extension, to the Supreme Court.  Nine months ago, the court decided Clapper v. Amnesty International, denying standing to the plaintiffs because it was speculative that they were being spied on by the government.  But we now know the plaintiffs were right.  The Supreme Court’s decision relied, in part, on misrepresentations by the Solicitor General, which were in turn caused by misinformation from the NSA.  Three congressmen, Senators Mark Udall, Ron Wyden and Martin Heinrich, in a letter to the Solicitor General,  are asking the government to clear up any inaccuracies in the record.

Senators Ask Solicitor General To Clear Up Past Lies to SCOTUS – Technologist.

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