GM’s Ignition Switch Recall

Should manufacturers be liable when they sell products that are defective and cause injury and death?  Recent reports in the press indicate that General Motors knew not only that its ignition switches in 1.62 million now-recalled cars were faulty, but it also knew the problem was made worse by the position of the switch where it is easily bumped.  This situation is made worse by the fact that when the ignition switch is turned off the airbags won’t deploy and the steering is compromised.  Numerous injuries, and some deaths, have been reported due to this defect.  These injured people should have their day in court.  However, it has been suggested that GM’s prior bankruptcy may cut off liability to those injured.

GM’s Ignition Switch Recall – A Prime Example of Why It’s Not Sound Policy to Let Bankruptcy Courts Cut Off Tort Claims : GlobalTort.

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