Top 10 Wackiest Wills in the United Kingdom

A London-based team of genealogy researchers have reviewed around 200,000 wills in the United Kingdom and have made a list of the wackiest.  Normally a last will and testament is not the place you would look for humor, but these researchers have discovered some funny stuff.

Of particular note is the will of Albert Orton who cut his wife out of his will because she apparently called him “a rotten old pig” as the result of his flatulence.  The insult cost the widow a small fortune as she was left with just one farthing (a farthing is a former coin of the U.K. that was worth a quarter of an old penny).

Then there was Kenneth Gibson’s will in which he left his stepdaughter “the price of half a pound of sausages,”  apparently because she claimed that her late mother had not paid her for the sausages.  She must have complained long and hard about not being paid for that meat, but she got the money in the end and may have lost a lot more.

Frank Smith apparently did not like his son-in-law much, as he pledged all his possessions to his daughter – as long as she left her “immoral husband.”

Another man left £26,000 to Jesus Christ, but only provided that his identity could be established.  I am not sure how you could prove that in court, or why Jesus Christ would need the cash.

For more information, see the story in the Birmingham Mail:

Widow loses inheritence for criticising husband’s FLATULENCE – and other wacky wills – Birmingham Mail.

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